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Planning a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel can an incredibly overwhelming task, especially when you have never done it before.  We can help you avoid mistakes based lessons learned through experience. When you do something everyday, you get good at what you do. We are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with you!

Pre-Construction Consultation Services

The Pre-Construction Consultation package is Begin Again Designs' most popular client choice.  When you are in the deciding and fact finding phase of planning your project, this package is invaluable.  You will meet with Chris Maxwell, the designer and owner, process your ideas, learn what is possible, develop a budget, and generate check list for the project that captures your unique project's needs including a shopping and scheduling itinerary.  Coming out of the consultation you can have ease of mind knowing not only what to expect but also what to estimate for cost.  


An Initial Consultation Package Includes: 

  • Budget sheet for kitchen or bathroom project

  • Scope of work for contractor

  • Shopping list for project essentials

  • Cabinet Quote 

  • 1.5 - 2 hour meeting

  • Package price is $ 175  

* Drawings are priced separately unless you are receiving a cabinet quote.

An Hourly Consultation includes:

  • By the hour design/consulting services can purchased at a two hour minimum (which includes travel time to the customer)

  • $ 75 per hour

Interested in Cabinet Support Only?

We provide complimentary Cabinet quotes which includes a cabinet layout drawing provided by our Designer, Chris Maxwell.

If you are perusing a cabinet only consult, the trip may be subject to a $75 charge if you are located outside of the Tucson area. 

All Inclusive Project and Design Support Services

This comes after your pre-construction consultation and is where the design service and projectmanagment services comes together.  If you are looking for someone to handle everything for you from start to finish of the project, then this package is for you.  For more information it is always best to contact Chris Maxwell directly.  Go to the contact page on this website, and also feel free to call . 

Kitchen  or Bathroom Remodel Package Include:

  • Initial Consultation package

  • Cabinet Layout/design plan

  • Contractor meeting and labor quote

  • Full service project managment/material selection, schedule planning and design support throughput the project. 

  • Time TBD

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